early modern trans studies conference

Bryn Mawr is hosting a conference celebrating the release of a special issue of the Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies that explores the convergences between early modern studies and trans studies. The panels will take stock of early modern thinking about gender and sexuality, as well as analyzing the ways that these categories intersect with race, class, nation, and animality. These papers work out the theoretical alliances and tensions between feminist, queer, and trans modes of analysis. Please join us as we consider how trans studies can offer new tools for understanding Renaissance literature, as well as how early modern studies offers archives, methods, and approaches that constitute an important resource for contemporary discussions of gender fluidity and transition.

april 25-26, 2019, bryn mawr college
dorothy vernon room, in new dorm

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thursday, april 25

9:00-9:30, Coffee and Pastries

9:45, Opening Remarks

10:00-11:30, Panel 1

Simone Chess, “Queer Residues: Nonbinary Affect and Boy Actors’ Adult Careers”
Andy Kesson, “Emma Frankland’s Galatea
Sawyer Kemp, “Transgender Shakespeare Performance: A Holistic Dramaturgy”

11:30-1:00, Lunch

1:00-2:30, Panel 2

Vin Nardizzi, “Shakespeare’s Trans*plant Poetics: Vegetable Blazons and the Seasons of
Pyramus’s Face”
Colby Gordon, “Abortive Hedgehogs: Prodigies and Trans Animality in The Duchess
of Malfi
Holly Dugan, “Early Modern Tranimals”

2:30-3:00, Coffee Break

3:00-4:00, Panel 3

Blake Gutt, “Belief, Allegory, and Transgender Authority in Christine de Pizan’s Livre
de la Mutacion de Fortune

Julie Crawford, “Transubstantial Bodies in Paradise Lost and Order and Disorder
Sydnee Wagner, “Racing Gender to the Edge of the World: Decoding the
Transmasculine Amazon Cannibal”

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friday, april 26

9:30-10:00, Coffee and pastries

10:11-11:30, panel 1

Abdulhamit Arvas, “Early Modern Eunuchs and the Transing of Gender and Race”
Melissa Sanchez, “Transdevotion: Race, Gender, and Christian Universalism”
Jordan Windholz, “The Single Life of the Eunuch: Unpatriarchal Manhood and the
Ahistoricity of Heterosexuality”

11:30-1:00, lunch

1:00-2:30, panel 2

Marjorie Rubright, “Trans*capacities: The Case of Thomas Middleton and Thomas
Dekker’s The Roaring Girl
Joseph Gamble, “Toward a Trans Philology”
Lisa S. Starks, “Trans-Cultures: Feminisms, Trans-Misogyny, and Shakespeare Studies”

2:30-3:00, coffee break

3:00-4:00, pedagogy roundtable with will fisher, colby gordon, and sarah wall-randell